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Do I have to buy a monument from Rose Hill?

No. A funeral home or cemetery is lawfully unable to force you to purchase a monument from them.

How can I order a custom cemetery monument?

The Family Services Counselors at Rose Hill Memorial Gardens will be glad to help you design a completely custom monument to commemorate your life or that of a loved one. We offer a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials. Please give us a call for a custom quote.

What materials are used in monuments?

At this time, bronze memorials are the only type of monuments allowed in Rose Hill Memorial Gardens. However, when the new section is opened, granite monuments will be available.

What is the expected cost of a monument?

The cost of monuments is based on many different factors, including: size, material and customization. For more information about the cost of monuments, please contact us.

Why is the vase down on a memorial?

When you do not have flowers in the vase, it is turned down to avoid water collection. This can damage the vase and cause it to crack in the winter. Granite stones have holes drilled in the vase bottom for drainage.

Do you sell flowers?

Yes. We have a variety of flowers that can be purchased in person or over the phone.


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Please contact our office to discuss your burial needs.